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This page includes all of the items in the game. they are categorized so enjoy.

Recovery Items

NameDescriptionAmtAbilityRefines to
PotionRestores HP by 2003Med LV UpPotion+
Potion+Restores HP by 4003Med LV UpHi-Potion
Hi-PotionRestores HP by 10003Med LV UpHi-Potion+
Hi-Potion+Restores HP by 20003Med LV UpX-Potion
X-PotionFully Restores HP3Med LV UpMega-Potion
Mega-PotionRestores HP by 1000 to
all members
20Forbid Med-RFElixir
Phoenix DownRemoves KO status50Med LV UpMega Phoenix
Mega PhoenixRemoves KO status from
all members
3Tool-RFPhoenix Pinion
ElixirFully restores abnormal
status and HP
10GFAble Med-RF
Med LV Up
Doc's Code Megalixir
Mega-PotionFully restores abnormal
status and HP to all

Status Items

NameDescriptionAmtAbilityRefines to
AntidoteCures Poison1ST Mag-RFBio
SoftCures Petrify1ST Mag-RF3 Break
Eye DropsCures Darkness1ST Mag-RFBlind
Echo ScreenCures Silence1ST Mag-RF2 Silence
Holy WaterCures Zombie, Curse1L Mag-RF2 Zombie
RemedyCures abnormal status10/1Med LV Up
Supt Mag-RF
5 Esuna
Remedy+Cures abnormal status and Magic effect10Med LV UpElixir

Battle Items

NameDescriptionAmtAbilityRefines to
Hero TrialOccasionally makes character
10Med LV UpHero
HeroMakes character invincible10Med LV UpHoly War Trial
Holy War TrialOccasionally makes all party
members invincible
10Med LV UpHoly War
Holy WarMakes all party members
5GFAbl Med-RFKnight's Code
Shell StoneSame effect as Shell1Supt Mag-RFShell
Protect StoneSame effect as Protect1Supt Mag-RFProtect
Aura StoneSame effect as Aura1Supt Mag-RFAura
Death StoneSame effect as Death1L Mag-RFDeath
Holy StoneSame effect as Holy1L Mag-RFHoly
Flare StoneSame effect as Flare1F Mag-RFFlare
Meteor StoneSame effect as Meteor1Forbid Mag-RFMeteor
Ultima StoneSame effect as Ultima1Forbid Mag-RFUltima
Gysahl GreensSummons Chicobo---
Phoenix PinionSummons Phoenix20/1GFAbl Med-RF
F Mag-RF
Phoenix Spirit Firaga
FriendshipSummons Moomba---

Stayover Items

NameDescriptionAmtAbilityRefines to
TentFully restores abnormal status and HP to all4/1Recov Med-RF
L Mag-RF
10 Curaga
Pet HouseRestores HP to all GF1GF Recov
2 G-Returner
CottageSame effect as Tent plus restores all GF2/1Recov Med-RF
L Mag-RF
20 Curaga

GF Recovery Items

NameDescriptionAmtAbilityRefines to
G-PotionRestores 200 HP to GF---
G-Hi-PotionRestores 1000 HP to GF---
G-Mega-PotionRestores 1000 HP to all GF---
G-ReturnerRevives GF from KO---
Rename CardChanges GF's name---

GF Ability Items

NameDescriptionAmtAbilityRefines to
Amnesia GreensMakes GF forget an ability---
HP-J ScrollGF learns HP-J ability10GFAbl Med-RFGiant's Ring
Str-J ScrollGF learns Str-J ability10GFAbl Med-RFPower Wrist
Vit-J ScrollGF learns Vit-J ability10GFAbl Med-RFOrihalcon
Mag-J ScrollGF learns Mag-J ability10GFAbl Med-RFForce Armlet
Spr-J ScrollGF learns Spr-J ability10GFAbl Med-RFHypno Crown
Spd-J ScrollGF learns Spd-J ability10GFAbl Med-RFJet Engine
Luck-J ScrollGF learns Luck-J ability1Forbid Mag-RFLuck Up
Aegis AmuletGF learns Eva-J ability2/1Forbid Mag-RF
Time Mag-RF
Spd Up
100 Haste
Elem AtkGF learns Elem-Atk-J ability1Forbid Mag-RF4 Elixir
Elem GuardGF learns Elem-Defx4 ability1Forbid Mag-RF4 Elixir
Status AtkGF learns ST-Atk-J ability1Forbid Mag-RF4 Elixir
Status GuardGF learns ST-Defx4 ability1Forbid Mag-RF4 Elixir
Rosetta StoneGF learns Abilityx4 ability1Tool-RFShaman Stone
Magic ScrollGF learns Magic ability1Tool-RF10 Wizard Stone
GF ScrollGF learns GF ability1Tool-RF10 Wizard Stone
Draw ScrollGF learns Draw ability1Tool-RF10 Wizard Stone
Item ScrollGF learns Item ability1Tool-RF10 Wizard Stone
Gambler SpiritGF learns Card ability1Tool-RF10 Wizard Stone
Healing RingGF learns Recover ability1Recov Med-RF
GF Recov Med-RF
L Mag-RF
20 Mega-Potion
30 Cottage
20 G-Mega-Potion
100 Curaga
Phoenix SpiritGF learns Revive ability1Recov Med-RF
GF Recov Med-RF
F Mag-RF
L Mag-RF
100 Phoenix Down
40 G-Returner
100 Firaga
100 Full-Life
Med KitGF learns Treatment ability1ST Med-RF
Forbid Med-RF
Supt Mag-RF
20 Remedy
2 Megalixir
100 Esuna
Bomb SpiritGF learns Kamikaze ability1F Mag-RF100 Firaga
Hungry CookpotGF learns Devour ability1Tool-RFShaman Stone
Mog's AmuletGF learns MiniMog ability1Tool-RFShaman Stone
Steel PipeGF learns SumMag +10% ability1Tool-RF
St Mag-RF
Aura Stone
20 Berserk
Star FragmentGF learns SumMag +20% ability1Tool-RF
Forbid Mag-RF
2 Meteor Stone
5 Meteor
Energy CrystalGF learns SumMag +30% ability1/1/50/1Ammo-RF
GF Abl Med-RF
Forbid Mag-RF
10 Pulse Ammo
2 Ultima Stone
Samantha Soul
3 Ultima
Samantha SoulGF learns SumMag +40% ability20/1GF Abl Med-RF
Time Mag-RF
Elem Atk
60 Triple
Healing MailGF learns GFHP +10% ability1Recov Med-RF
GF Recov Med-RF
L Mag-RF
6 Hi-Potion
Pet House
20 Curaga
Silver MailGF learns GFHP +20% ability1/5GF Recov Med-RF
GF Abl Med-RF
2 Pet House
Gold Armor
Gold ArmorGF learns GFHP +30% ability1/5GF Recov Med-RF
GF Abl Med-RF
4 Pet House
Diamond Armor
Diamond ArmorGF learns GFHP +40% ability1/1/5Tool-RF
GF Recov Med-RF
GF Abl Med-RF
50 Cottage
16 Pet Houses
Elem Guard
Regen RingGF learns HP +20% ability1Recov Med-RF
GF Recov Med-RF
L Mag-RF
8 Phoenix Down
5 Tents
6 G-Returner
20 Full-Life
Giant's RingGF learns HP +40% ability10/1GF Abl Med-RF
Supt Mag-RF
Gaea's Ring
60 Protect
Gaea's RingGF learns HP +80% ability1Forbid Med-RFHP Up
Strength LoveGF learns Str +20% ability1Tool-RF2 Aura Stone
Power WristGF learns Str +40% ability10/1Tool-RF
GF Able Med-RF
10 Aura Stone
Hyper Wrist
Hyper WristGF learns Str +60% ability10Forbid Med-RFStr Up
Turtle ShellGF learns Vit +20% ability1Tool-RF
Supt Mag-RF
10 Protect Stone
30 Protect
OrihalconGF learns Vit +40% ability1/10Tool-RF
GF Abl Med-RF
30 Protect Stone
AdamantineGF learns Vit +60% ability5/20Forbid Med-RF
GF Able Med-RF
Vit Up
Steel Curtain
Rune ArmletGF learns Spr +20% ability1Tool-RF
Supt Mag-RF
10 Shell Stone
40 Shell
Force ArmletGF learns Spr +40% ability1/10Tool-RF
GF Abl Med-RF
30 Shell Stone
Magic Armlet
Magic ArmletGF learns Spr +60% ability10/20Forbid Med-RF
GF Abl Med-RF
Spr UP
Moon Curtain
CircletGF learns Mag +20% ability1Tool-RF2 Aura Stone
Hypno CrownGF learns Mag +40% ability1/10Tool-RF
GF Abl Med-RF
10 Aura Stone
Royal Crown
Royal CrownGF learns Mag +60% ability10/20Forbid Med-RF
GF Abl Med-RF
Mag Up
Status Atk
Jet EngineGF learns Spd +20% ability50/10Forbid Med-RF
GF Abl Med-RF
Spd Up
Rocket Engine
Rocket EngineGF learns Spd +40% ability5/1Forbid Med-RF
Time Mag-RF
Spd Up
50 Triple
Moon CurtainGF learns Auto-Shell ability1Supt Mag-RF100 Shell
Steel CurtainGF learns Auto-Protect ability1Supt Mag-RF100 Protect
Glow CurtainGF learns Auto-Reflect ability2/1GF Abl Med-RF
Supt Mag-RF
Monk's Code
100 Reflect
AcceleratorGF learns Auto-Haste ability1Time Mag-RF100 Haste
Monk's CodeGF learns Counter ability1Forbid Med-RFStr Up
Knight's CodeGF learns Cover ability1Forbid Med-RFVit Up
Doc's CodeGF learns Med Data ability1Forbid Med-RFMegalixir
Hundren NeedlesGF learns Return Damage ability1Forbid Med-RFSpd Up
Three StarsGF learns Expendx3-1 ability1Time Mag-RF100 Triple
RibbonGF learns Ribbon ability1GF Abl Med-RFStatus Guard

Ammo Items
NameDescriptionAmtAbilityRefines to
Normal AmmoRegular Ammo1Ammo-RFFast Ammo
Shotgun AmmoAmmo that attacks all opponents1Ammo-RF2 Fast Ammo
Dark AmmoAmmo with status changing effect---
Fire AmmoAmmo with Fire element---
Demolition AmmoAmmo 3 times more
powerful than Normal Ammo
Fast AmmoAmmo for rapid fire---
AP AmmoArmor-piercing ammo---
Pulse AmmoAmmo that contains powerful
5Forbid Mag-RFUltima

Tool Items
NameDescriptionAmtAbilityRefines to
M-Stone PieceStone with a little magic power1T Mag-RF
I Mag-RF
F Mag-RF
L Mag-RF
Time Mag-RF
Supt Mag-RF
5 Thunder
5 Blizzard
5 Fire
5 Cure
5 Slow
5 Silence
5 Esuna
Magic StoneStone with magic power1T Mag-RF
I Mag-RF
F Mag-RF
L Mag-RF
Time Mag-RF
Supt Mag-RF
5 Thundara
5 Blizzara
5 Fira
5 Cura
5 Haste
5 Beserk
5 Dispel
Wizard StoneStone with strong magic power1T Mag-RF
I Mag-RF
F Mag-RF
L Mag-RF
Time Mag-RF
Supt Mag-RF
5 Thundaga
5 Blizzaga
5 Firaga
5 Curaga
5 Stop
5 Bio
20 Dispel
Ochu TentacleStrong, flexible tentacle1ST Med-RF
3 Eyedrops
30 Blind
Healing WaterWater with life force1Recov Med-RF
GF Recov Med-RF
L Mag-RF
2 Hi-Potions
2 Tent
2 G-Hi-Potion
20 Cura
Cockatrice PinionFeather with petrifying power1St Med-RF
3 Soft
20 Break
Zombie PowderPowder with zombie effect1St Med-RF
L Mag-RF
3 Holy Water
20 Zombie
LightweightShoes to make you light
on your feet
100/1GF Abl Med-RF
Time Mag-RF
20 Haste
Sharp SpikeLong, sharp claw1Ammo-RF10 AP Ammo
ScrewUse to remodel weapons1Ammo-RF8 Normal Ammo
Saw BladeSerrated blade1L Mag-RF
Supt Mag-RF
10 Death
20 Dispel
Mesmerize BladeLong, sharp blade1Recov Med-RF
GF Recov Med-RF
L Mag-RF
2 Mega Potion
20 Regen
Vampire FangFang that makes vampire
1Supt Mag-RF20 Drain
Fury FragmentStone that contains morale1Tool-RF
Supt Mag-RF
2 Aura Stone
5 Aura
Betrayal SwordSword that betrays allies1St Med-RF
20 Confuse
Sleep PowderInduces sleep1St Med-RF
20 Sleep
Life RingRing with life force1Recov Med-RF
GF Recov Med-RF
L Mag-RF
2 Phoenix Down
2 G-Returner
20 Life
Dragon FangDragon's fang with recovery
1/100/1ST Med-RF
GF Abl Med-RF
Supt Mag-RF
Med Kit
20 Esuna

Blue Magic Items
NameDescriptionAmtAbilityRefines to
Spider WebQuistis learns Blue Magic,
Ultra Waves
1Time Mag-RF20 Slow
Coral FragmentQuistis learns Blue Magic,
1T Mag-RF20 Thundara
Curse SpikeQuistis learns Blue Magic,
1/100/1St Med-RF
Dark Matter
10 Pain
Black HoleQuistis learns Blue Magic,
1Time Mag-RF30 Demi
Water CrystalQuistis learns Blue Magic,
Aqua Breath
1I Mag-RF50 Water
MissileQuistis learns Blue Magic,
Micro Missiles
1Ammo-RF20 Demolition Ammo
Mystery FluidQuistis learns Blue Magic, Acid1ST Mag-RF10 Meltdown
Running FireQuistis learns Blue Magic,
Gatling Gun
1Ammo-RF40 Demolition Ammo
Inferno FangQuistis learns Blue Magic,
Fire Breath
2 Flare Stone
20 Flare
Malboro TentacleQuistis learns Blue Magic,
Bad Breath
1/100/1ST Med-RF
GF Able Med-RF
2 Remedy
Moon Curtain
40 Bio
WhisperQuistis learns Blue Magic,
White Wind
GF Recov Med-RF
GF Abl Med-Rf
L Mag-RF
4 G-Hi-Potion
Healing ring
50 Curaga
Laser CannonQuistis learns Blue Magic,
Homing Laser
1Ammo-RF5 Pulse Ammo
BarrierQuistis learns Blue Magic,
Mighty Guard
50/1GF Abl Med-RF
Supt Mag-RF
Aegis Armlet
40 Shell
Power GeneratorQuistis learns Blue Magic,
1Ammo-RF20 Pulse Ammo
Dark MatterQuistis learns Blue Magic,
Shockwave Pulsar
1GF Abl Med-RF
Forbid Mag-RF
Luck-J Scroll
100 Ultima
» The GF Siren must be at level 100 to change 100 Curse Spikes into 1 Dark Matter

Compatibility Items
NameDescriptionAmtAbilityRefines to
Bomb FragmentStone with fire element1/100/1Ammo-RF
GF Abl Med-RF
F Mag-RF
20 Fire Ammo
Bomb Spirit
20 Firaga
Red FangDragon's fang with fire
F Mag-RF
40 Fire Ammo
20 Firaga
Arctic WindContains ice element wind1I Mag-RF20 Blizzara
North WindContains strong ice
element wind
1I Mag-RF20 Blizzaga
Dynamo StoneStone with thunder element1T Mag-RF20 Thundaga
Shear FeatherBird's feather that flies
on wind
1T Mag-RF20 Aero
Venom FangPoisonous monster fang1ST Med-RF
10 Antidote
20 Dark Ammo
20 Bio
Steel OrbSteel orb with graviational
1Time Mag-RF15 Demi
Moon StoneHoly moon stone with
monsters living inside
Forbid Mag-RF
2 Holy Stone
20 Holy
Dino BoneLarge dinosaur bone1ST Med-RF
Time Mag-RF
20 Quake
WindmillWindmill containing
wind energy
1T Mag-RF20 Tornado
Dragon SkinDurable dragon skin100/1GF Abl Med-RF
Supt Mag-RF
Glow Curtain
20 Reflect
Fish FinFish's fin1I Mag-RF20 Water
Dragon FinVery hard dragon's scale1Time Mag-RF20 Double
Silence PowderPowder containing silence1ST Med-RF
3 Echo Screen
20 Silence
Poison PowderPowder containing poison1ST Med-RF
3 Antidote
10 Dark Ammo
Dead SpiritContains death1Tool-RF
L Mag-RF
2 Death Stone
20 Death
Chef's KnifeTonberry's knife1Ammo-RF
L Mag-RF
20 AP Ammo
30 Death
Cactus ThornCactuar's thorn1/100Ammo-RF
GF Abl Med-RF
40 Demolition Ammo
Hundred Needles
Shaman StoneStone with mystical power1/10/1Tool-RF
Forbid Med-RF
GF Abl Med-RF
Hero Trial
Rosetta Stone
» The GF Doomtrain must be at level 100 to change 10 Shaman Stones into 1 Hero Trial

Event Items
NameDescriptionAmtAbilityRefines to
FuelFuel for a rental car1Ammo-RF10 Fire Ammo
Girl Next DoorNaughty Magazine---
Sorceress' LetterEdea's introduction letter---

Special Items
NameDescriptionAmtAbilityRefines to
Chocobo's TagChanges Chocobo's name---
Pet NametagChanges pet's name---
Solomn RingMysterious old ring used to summon Doomtrain---
Magical LampMysterious old lamp used to summon Diablos---
Power Up Items
NameDescriptionAmtAbilityRefines to
HP UpRaises HP by 102GF Abl Med-RFHP-J Scroll
Str UpRaises Strength by 12GF Abl Med-RFStr-J Scroll
Vit UpRaises Vitality by 12GF Abl Med-RFVit-J Scroll
Mag UpRaises Magic by 12GF Abl Med-RF/td> Mag-J Scroll
Spr UpRaises Spirit by 12GF Abl Med-RFSpr-J Scroll
Spd UpRaises Speed by 12GF Abl Med-RFSpd-J Scroll
Luck UpRaises Luck by 12GF Abl Med-RFLuck-J Scroll
LuvLuvGRaises compatibility with all GF by 20---

Special Magazines
Weapons Mon 1stWeapons research magazine, 
First Issue
Lunatic Pandora Lab in the past with Laguna
Weapons Mon MarWeapons research magazine, 
March Issue
Battle with Elvoret at the Dollet Comm Tower
Weapons Mon AprWeapons research magazine, 
April Issue
Squall's dorm room after graduation
Weapons Mon MayWeapons research magazine, 
May Issue
Sewers in Deling City
Weapons JunWeapons research magazine, 
June Issue
Battle with BGH251F2 at the Galbadian
Missle Base
Weapons Mon JulWeapons research magazine, 
July Issue
On the ground in the Balamb
Garden Training Center
after the Galbadian Garden battle.
Weapons AugWeapons research magazine, 
August Issue
In front of the gargoyle statue in Trabia Garden
Combat King 001Magazine for fighters, 
Dolphin Blow Issue
Bottom floor of the D District Prison
Combat King 002Magazine for fighters, 
Meteor Strike Issue
Given to you after Fujin and Raijin in Balamb
Combat King 003Magazine for fighters, 
Meteor Barret Issue
Girl who has a crush on Zell, Balamb Hotel
Combat King 004Magazine for fighters, 
Different Beat Issue
Second visit to Esthar, from Esthar Soldier
Combat King 005Magazine for fighters, 
My Final Heaven Issue
While Exploring Lunatic Pandora as Squall
Pet Pals Vol. 1Magazine for dog lovers, 
Angelo Strike Issue
Train bound for Timber
Pet Pals Vol. 2Magazine for dog lovers, 
Angelo Recover Issue
Rinoa's bed in the Forest Owl's base
Pet Pals Vol. 3Magazine for dog lovers, 
Invincible Moon Issue
Purchased at the Timber Pet Shop
Pet Pals Vol. 4Magazine for dog lovers, 
Angelo Reverse Issue
Purchased at the Timber Pet Shop
Pet Pals Vol. 5Magazine for dog lovers, 
Angelo Search Issue
Purchased at the Timber Pet Shop
Pet Pals Vol. 6Magazine for dog lovers, 
Wishing Star Issue
Purchased at the Timber Pet Shop
Occult Fan IWorld's Mysteries Magazine, 
Scoop Issue
Bookcases inside the Balamb Garden Library
Occult Fan IIWorld's Mysteries Magazine, 
Photo Issue
Dollet; challenge the Pub manager to cards
Occult Fan IIIWorld's Mysteries Magazine, 
Magic Issue
First arrive at FH find the Master Fisherman
Occult Fan IVWorld's Mysteries Magazine, 
Report Issue
Presidential Aide in Esthar's Presidential Palace

Timber Maniacs
You'll fin Timber Maniacs magazines dropped all over the world. After reading an issue of Timber Maniacs, you can read a special article on Laguna, on Squall's study panel in Balamb Garden. Check Selphie's web page and read the section about Laguna.
Balamb StationNear the train signalTrabia GardenIn the graveyard
Balamb HotelInside the guest roomDollet PubOn a table in the Pub
Timber ManiacsOn the floor in the officeDollet HotelInside the guest room
Timber HotelOn a table in the guest roomShumi VillageArtisan's house
FHIn the Grease Monkey's houseWhite SeeD ShipOn the floor in the bridge
FH HotelInside the guest roomEdea's HouseOn the ground inside the house

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