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Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough - Disc 3

3.1 Rinoa in Coma

After the battle between two Gardens Rinoa had fallen into a coma. Then Squall found Cid and Edea at the beach of the Orphanage. Then they began to explain that indeed all those bad thing Edea had done was because of a Witch from the future called Aru. Squall think that maybe he can use Elone's power to make Rinoa back. After that, go to visit Rinoa again and you'll become unconscious.

3.2 Another scence of Laguna

Switch back to Laguna scence, he had become a actor after his life at Winhill village. Today he will play a prince part for rescuing a princess from a red dragon. But he had mistaken and think that a real dragon is Kiros. The dragon running loose and attack Laguna. Then lead to a battle.

3.3 Back to WhiteSeedShip for Elone help

Switch to Squall, head to white SeeD ship that taken Elone away are now landing North of Orphanage. You'll found some members of Forest's Owl on it. Talk with every one in ship and you'll know that some Esthar soldiers come and taken Elone away. After that heading to Esthar but Garden cannot fly too high, the only possible seems to be the long bridge of FH. Then squall will bring Riona to Esthar by walking through the bridge slowly. At the end of the bridge they meet up again, you'll find Edea that she want to help. But the way of entering Esthar had been blocked by a Bone Monster. Keep attack it by Cure it . They found the dead end after the battle. Suddendly the space change and a door open. Indeed there is a High-tech city that hidden inside there.

3.4 Laguna as prisoner!

Switch to Laguna, he had been caught by the Esthar soldiers and he try to get out. Kiros and Ward appear and help Laguna. Go to the elevator to exit and you'll hear that the doctor had holding Elona for experienment. Then, exit through outside and you'll find a car that take you to the labratory, head to elevator that you'll see the North locked door. Go up to 2nd floor and you'll meet Doctor again. Take to him, and you'll fight with two soilder. After defeated them, press the switch at the keyboard and now you can enter the door at the first floor. You'll found Elone inside that room.

3.5 Esthar, the High-tech City

Squall found the doctor inside president's mansion. the Doctor try to explain him that Elone had been kept at Esthar's space station. Then, goto the rocket station that is located on the North of Esthar, n about her identity, and Squall will fly off with Riona and one partner. Switch to zell party, go back to Esthar. Doctor tell them that this strange object called Lunatick Pandora. The fortess's desination is Tear's Point. The pandora will pass away fom the surface of Esthar at three time, so your team can use these chances to investigate the pandora. Rush to the meeting point at right time, and gain an access. The exploration end up by kicking away by some strange alien.

3.6 Fly to the Space

Squall arrive the space station successfully, and left Rinoa resting at Medical Room. Then, go through the path way until you reach the upstair and you'll found Elone. Talk with her. Elone understand the situation and agree to help Rinoa. (and you will understand that all those Laguna/Squall switch are Elone's power, and the reason that she was familiar is because she was stay at Edea's home once.) Follow her and you'll enter the control room. And they'll know that there're something strange happens at the Moon. Suddenly, The emergency alarm rings. Rinoa awake and walking like someone control her body. Squall rush to Rinoa alone but he see that she walking with some energy field around her. Squall want to stop her but when he touch her body there're power push him away. Follow her and you'll see that she try to unlock the seal to awaken Adel.

3.7 The return of Adel

Then Squall watch Rinoa unlock the Seal to awaken Adel. At the same time, the monsters that gather at Moon rush to earth. The space station cannot stand anymore and will be bomb within seconds. Meet up with Elone in the control room, and head to the escape pods. When escaping Squall get know of something about Rinoa like why she come back to Squall when he is prisoned at Desrt Prsion, and the moment that she receive Squall's ring. Squall decide he cannot just let Rinoa die alone in space.

3.8 Waiting for Death

Rinoa floating lonely in space, waiting to die. The life support had been stop. Squall found Rinoa finally. Remember to keep her inside your sight . They float to Ragnakok, a Esthar spaceship floating around. They found this spaceship had been invadedby some aliens. The correct methods to killing these Alien are kill by pair. (it means after you get rid of a purplealien, kill the other purple. if you kill a red after kill a purple, the purple will revive.)after finish off totally 8 aliens, goto the controls and head back to Esthar. In that moment Squall exchange his heart wth Rinoa. After arriving Earth some Esthar soldiers escort Rinoa away since they know Rinoa's doing at space and her identity of"witch's heir".

3.9 Rescue Rinoa!

Squall don't know what to do and just stand. When he told his friends about this Selhie is furious that why Squall didn't protect the one he love. When Squall decide to resuce Rinoa the Ragnakok tremble, they found that Selphie know how to ride this spaceship! Now you are free to go to everywhere you might think of, like obtaining Bahamut GF, Eden GF... etc Ragnakok rush to Witch Museum and use force to get back Rinoa. Squall cut off the power and release his princess.

3.A Laguna as the Esthar's President

After the rescue Rinoa, ask about flying to Edea's home since she want to ask Edea something. After landing at Edea's home, follow the dog's lead to the beach and wait for Rinoa. When Squall talks with Rinoa Zell come and told Squall that they have recieve a news that Esthar had been under attack. Finally Squall have a chance to meet with Esthar's president. It was probably expected but still surprise to see that Laguna is the President of Esthar. He told squall that Elone had been aducted by the monsters of the Pandora and wish you can help him. They planned to attack the Pandora and finish Adel off before she can be recover from the seal, and then use "Time Compress" to bring Squall to future,and fight the one who behind all these-Aru.

3.B Seifer kidnapped Rinoa!

Ride Ragnakok and attack the Pandora. You'll meet friendly Raijin and Fuujin at the entrance. Defeat them. And go inside you'll found Biggs and Wadge. But since they had been degraded after the last battle with you, they are sick of fight and ignore you. Ride the 01 elevator and found Raijin and Fuujin again. They will activate the alien to attack you. After the battle Squall found Seifer behind. (If you have Odin he will appear and had killed by Seifer) but in the ending Gilamesh'll appear and make his last shot...) Finally Seifer had been defeated. But he is just pretending dead and kidnapped Rinoa.....

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