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Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough - Disc 4

4.1 Riona as the prey!
Squall chase Seifer up to the top floor of the Pandora, only to see how Seifer using Riona as the prey for Adel. When Squall arrive, Adel had been merge with Riona, and remember never use GF attack since you will kill Rinoa also (And the game will be over). Keep trying to attack Adel and cure Rinoa. After Adel die and Elone appear with Laguna. Then the Time Compress begin the effect and bring the team to the timestream. Since Ultimecia want to absorb the power of each era's witch Squall will have to duel with different era's Witch first. Easy battles expect the last one, the Original Witch.

4.2 The Castle

After the battles they found they are located at Edea's home. When they head to the beach they found the time change and they saw Ultimecia's Castle, along with a dozen of dead body of white SeeD's crew. At the moment they step into the castle 8 powers of them had been sealed. For recovering these powers they must defeat the 8 hidden beast inside the castle. and they agree to spit up to 2 teams to achieve this. The green magic spot is for switch control over different teams: (no special orders expect the first one)
1 - The one at the stair at main hall, about 35000 hp.
2 - After get rid of 1, you can goto the gallery by the right door of 2/F, look at every painting, and then walk to the biggest painting opposite the stair and enter Vividarium > Intervigilium > Viator . Then a monster will appear. hp about 34200.
3 - Go forward, into the basement, and enter the room at left, which shut the door after u enter. get the key from the corpse and a giant red monster will appear hp about 30000 but strong guard, you can only damage him about 10% of your strength. Call Diablos to get rid of it.
4 - Another team can get to the another basement by passing through the left door of main hall>alley>banquet room>check the floor . A flying unicorn awaits. every attack will make it cast a thunder spell at you. so make sure every attack are fatal, hp 22400.
5 - After the unicorn go back to banquet hall and walk straight to the door, pass the mid-garden and enter piano room. ignore that purple flame and walk upstairs to see a bridge. something is floating at the edge of bridge and drop before you can reach it. It fall to the basement that (3) exists. get that item (which is the key) and open the door next to it. Another monster awaits there. it will merge fight again after you finish it off. hp:22000 (each part), 16000 (2nd battle).
6 - Now go to the opposite side of the Gallery and enter a 45 degree alley. enter the door in middle and you will found 4 tombs. open them all and a blood ox will appear. hp:60000.
7 - have another team go back to the banquet room and stand at the switch inside the green magic spot, and the other team walk straight from the door that(1) had been guarding. go to the opposite side and fight the crystal monster. hp16000 but strong guard. will attack all when you attack it. tough.
8 - back to the bridge at the piano room, and walk straight on till reached a clock tower. when you see a bell ring just jump to the ring and get to the other side. A fake Bahamut awaits (hp 90000).
4.3 The last battle
With every monsters down, you gain all your sealed powers back. exit from the top of clock tower and you will found Ultimecia's room across the bridge. Remember to save before entering her room. at her door you can still decide to enter or not. Ultimecia is furious about you people and begin her attack, she had 5 morphs and each of them are about 100000 hp. the last one is about 150000-200000 hp:
1.Ultimecia herself
2.Ultimecia will call xxxx (which is the name of Squall's ring), the most powerful GF.
3.xxxx defeated and Ultimecia merge with it . Also have a Trembling killer move.
4.Like to 3, but most body parts are lost.
5.After the battle it seems to be dead. but the spirit of Witch appear and fight.
Finally after defeating Ultimecia. you'll see the fantastic ending, Enjoy!

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